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Sarnia 2005, Kingston 2004.

Getting ready for a ride.(S2005)

Rally host Kevin leads one of the rides.(S2005)

Riding along the St. Clair River to the town of Sombra.(S2005)

I’ve never seen Elvis so happy to help Pricilla with the laundry.(S2005)

Mom is watching in the back ground. You’d better do a good job on the laundry.(S2005)

He’s telling her where to go and she’s not listening.(S2005)

Can you imagine the confusion? All three kids are telling him where to go.(S2005)

Our first ever sidecar training seminar. Thanks Tom.(S2005)

All those who participated in the seminar.(S2005)

The ice cream run to Sarnia.(S2005)

It took 8 of us to finish this Banana Split at Tony's Restaurant.(S2005)

Another excellent campground.(S2005)

Remember this picture. This was the summer of 2004! (K2004)

This sidecar had a stealth mode. It was not allowed in the sidecar games. (K2004)

Cute rig, but not big enough to carry a real passenger in the games. (K2004)

One of the rides. This one went to the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Smith Falls

Dad? Do you think mom will let me do the laundry?

No shawn, I can't see where you are going, but the glasses do look cool don't they? (K2004)

Chicken! Who you calling chicken??? (K2004)

Taylor says white. Jessica says black. One says go left. The other says go right. I QUIT!! (K2004)

No really. I've forgotten about last year. We're not headed towards the river at all. (K2004)

Group pictures after the sidecar games. (K2004)

Getting ready for our dinner run. The line of sidecars riding down the road streached 1.6 kilometers (K2004)

A great dinner on the St. Laurence River. (K2004)

Now this is a group campfire!! (K2004)

Colby had the winning bid on the quilt Della donated to the club. Thank you Della. Congratulations Colby. (K2004)